Friday, September 17, 2010

el comienzo


The phone rings 2 hours before work begins and I'd rather hide under blankets and sheets, but ignoring the New Order ring-tone hardly makes the problem go away. The problem being, that I should wake up. The ongoing issue is that work is 2 miles away, if that, which makes it extremely convenient to leave at the very last minute with a banana or PB/J sammy in hand.

Slowly, I'll elaborate on being a bicycle mechanic in Santa Cruz at a humble, but AWESOME shop:


While, I can't say I am a HUGE fan of Geekhouse's bicycle design, the quality seems to pretty stellar.


Basically, in this order I:

A)Measured the steerer twice or was it three?
B)Sawed off the unnecessary steerer tube
C)Installed starnut
D)Ate French Fries
E)Pounded Chris King crown race onto fork
F)Installed fork, headset, spacers and stem
G)Ate more fries
H)Wiped greasy hands on jeans

I'd like to see how this bicycle is going to be built up. It's gonna have A LOT of yellow, which I can't really argue against because the customer received the frameset for free. Sí, GRATIS. Who can argue with a matchy matchy bicycle with a limited amount of gears (ie: NO GEARS. uh oh?) that is free? I surely can't argue against that.